Watch How Fox News Kills Their Viewers With Misleading COVID Questions

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Fox News’s Bill Hemmer phrased a question to a impermanent to marque it dependable similar Fox viewers did not request to interest astir the Omicron variant.


Fox News is pushing the connection that Omicron isn't that unsafe to the unvaccinated arsenic Bill Hemmer asks Dr. Marc Siegel, "For those not vaccinated whether successful the U.S., Africa oregon the U.K., is this strain anemic capable wherever it won't termination you? What does the information archer us?"

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) December 16, 2021

Fox’s Bill Hemmer asked, “For those not vaccinated whether successful the U.S., Africa oregon U.K., is this strain weak capable wherever it won’t kill you? What does the information archer us? “

Dr. Marc Siegel answered, “The information says the decease complaint is precise debased connected this strain right now. But I would caution that that’s what we telephone a lagging indicator. If you are not vaccinated and in a high-risk group, you are astatine risk of hospitalization at least. Clearly, it is not arsenic deadly arsenic Delta, but it tin get you beauteous sick if you are not vaccinated. So again, I don’t — Bill present is a constituent to archer you. As a physician, I don’t distinguish. I deliberation that each of the 
stigmatism of the unvaccinated is disgusting. I instrumentality attraction of everyone. I don’t attraction what their status is, a smoker, lung cancer, a drinker, and they person liver disease and unvaccinated and a severe lawsuit of covid. Take attraction of them each the same. It shouldn’t beryllium portion of the discussion. Everybody should get vaccinated, having said that.”

Fox News Undermined Its Own Guest

Dr. Siegel tried to supply bully accusation to Fox News viewers, and helium urged them aggregate times to get vaccines, but helium was undermined by Bill Hemmer, whose enactment of questioning suggested that unvaccinated viewers truly don’t request to interest astir Omicron.

The changeless drumbeat from Fox News each azygous time is that they are telling their unvaccinated viewers to spell connected with beingness and not interest astir getting vaccinated.

Research shows that Fox News is negatively impacting spectator behavior connected the pandemic.

By refusing to amplify the liable connection connected COVID, Fox News is sidesplitting its ain viewers.

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