Kayleigh McEnany Turns On Trump And Appears Before The 1/6 Committee

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Former White House Press Secretary/Fox News big Kayleigh McEnany has appeared earlier the 1/6 Committee.

Kayleigh McEnany Shows The Power Of The 1/6 Committee

CNN reported:

Former White House property caput Kayleigh McEnany connected Wednesday appeared earlier the House prime committee investigating the January 6 insurrection, 2 sources acquainted with the substance archer CNN.

The gathering was virtual. McEnany, who worked successful the Trump White House and was a spokesperson for Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign, was initially subpoenaed successful November.

McEnany appeared earlier the committee due to the fact that she apt doesn’t person the fiscal resources to instrumentality the committee to tribunal and prosecute successful a prolonged ineligible fight.

The 1/6 Committee’s quality to notation imaginable witnesses for transgression prosecution intelligibly has galore Trump witnesses scared. The bravado of ignoring subpoenas that existed erstwhile Trump was president is agelong gone.

McEnany evidently didn’t deliberation defying a subpoena for Trump was worthy the hazard of going to jail, truthful she showed up earlier the committee.

Donald Trump’s demanded full loyalty from those who worked successful his administration, but that loyalty is being shattered by the almighty 1/6 Committee.

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