Improve Your SEO With Our Press Release Distribution Services

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Improve Your SEO With Our Press Release Distribution Services

Press releases are an announcement you can push onto the press release distribution. For this post I will only be able to talk about internet-based distribution options. There are other methods of publishing however my focus is on helping you learn how this method will improve the rankings of your website and help you get relevant backlinks to your blog, website and landing pages.

Anatomy of a Press Release Marketing Campaign

The distribute press release as a marketing technique could be a highly efficient SEO method that is white hat. I have assisted clients get their website on the first page on Google, Yahoo and Bing for their targeted keywords by releasing a single optimized press release. The results are dramatic and short-lived, and I suggest this strategy as a component of a larger strategy for content. By adding a quarterly or monthly publication to the editorial calendar can yield excellent efficiency benefits.

When you distribute the press release fordistribution using an efficient distribution service is:

  • Your content will be quickly distributed through a myriad of news outlets.
  • A lot of them are, in turn your press release distribution service.
  • Sites that utilize feeds to deliver new content. They will then take your news story and publish the article on their website.
  • Topics that are relevant can be noticed by the use of hashtags and keywords, and then are published via social bookmarking websites, Facebook business pages and Twitter.

In the weeks following your publication, you'll typically see that your article has been published by a variety of sources. In the following instructions there are many ways to make sure that you maximize the duplicate of the content.

How to Write, Optimize and Publish a Press Release for SEO

1. Select the announcement topic.
What's happening in your world? In particular, because of the amazing SEO results I'm seeing with press release distribution service, we're planning to release an announcement regarding an annual service for companies who require content marketing and SEO assistance. It could be a new personnel, a move to a new location, a brand new service, a brand new website or business relationship or product's results, for example.

2. Do your keyword research and then create your headline around these terms.
The most crucial step. It is important that your title have keywords specifically targeted for engines to find as well as being appealing and user-friendly. The research you conduct on keywords provides you with the chance to examine similar keywords in a row and pick the one that is most suitable. I utilize Google's Google AdWords Keyword Tool to determine the most relevant terms for my particular topic. In my situation I'd look up the term "
bestpress release distribution services" and choose an appropriate phrase that is not a lot of competition and an abundance of monthly global searches however, in no way too too high. (We're talking about thousands not millions. Keywords are what make you make your mark. It's much simpler to locate sailing boats in lakes than on the ocean.)

3. Write your content in the form of an article in the news.
Begin by introducing a summary of your subject, followed by the body of the piece followed by a business bio. It is important to keep in mind that an announcement is a type of journalistic. Include the who the who, when, what, what and why of your announcement. I generally write as much important information I can at the beginning. I also write very short phrases to help make my press release distribution services simple to read. I also include quotes. Quotes give you the chance to make your press release a bit more romantic. For instance, it's acceptable for a CEO's statement to read "This new program is a very exciting addition to our services, and we're expecting fantastic results." However, the content on a regular basis should not be promotional and must be newsy.

4. Pick a reliable internet-based distribution service.
There are many options for services to send out best press release distribution, and I've tried a lot of them. I would not recommend free ones, as they are not equipped with SEO tools, and frequently contain annoying limitations that are intended to make you upgrade. You should choose a paid option at the start. The one I usually use is only a fraction of the price of high cost services and has produced amazing SEO results.

Here's what you should be looking for in a reliable distribution service:

  • Live link can be integrated in the text.
  • You can include an image, logo or video.
  • You can also add your own keywords.
  • There is no need to forgo your savings to release your announcement.

There is a complete list of press release distribution companies which include paid and free services, on the Resources section on my website. From my experience, you don't need to invest a lot of money to achieve amazing SEO results. However, a business that has an important announcement will definitely prefer to use the best solutions, like PRWeb.

5. Upload your files and add keywords, links, and images.
Link carefully. It is not a good idea to have your press release to appear like an unintentional ransom note. Some attractive hyperlinks to your website, blog or landing page are acceptable.

6. Make sure you proofread your work carefully!
Typos and errors are expensive to the public image. Note: If you've transferred your data from the Microsoft Word file, be sure to verify any unusual characters, and also make sure the quotation marks are correct. Make sure you view the preview of the way your publication will appear in the future in the event that the distribution service supports this capability. - how are press releases distributed

7. Release your press release.
The mid-morning hour on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday is the optimal time to announce your announcement. The distribution should take place in the shortest amount of time, and you should receive an email with confirmation and an online link to the press announcement.

8. Keep up with your content marketing.
When you've published your announcement You want to go beyond rest and wait for the traffic to come in. You should think about ways you can gain more value from the use of social media as well as other methods. Examples:

  • Share your link on Twitter or Facebook.
  • Upload it to your preferred social bookmarking sites for example, Digg as well as StumbleUpon.
  • Ask a question in any or more of your LinkedIn groups and include the press release URL as an answer.
  • Add a link to this publication on your company's website Press page. You can also optimize the page to accommodate that information.

The next step is to track your performance, which you can accomplish by searching for the phrase you are targeting and other related terms on search engines, examining the rank of your website as well as employing Google Analytics. Best of luck in your marketing campaign! - how to press release distribution

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