Damning Coup Evidence As Mark Meadows Put National Guard On Standby To Protect Trump Mob

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Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows enactment the National Guard connected standby to support Trump rioters, not the Capitol.

Politico reported:

Mark Meadows indicated successful a Jan. 5 email that the National Guard was connected standby to “protect pro Trump people,” according to documents obtained by the House committee investigating the Capitol riot, which the sheet described successful a nationalist filing Sunday night.

The discourse for the connection is unclear, but it comes amid aggravated scrutiny of the Guard’s dilatory effect to unit astatine the Capitol connected Jan. 6 and conflicting timelines astir their efforts from the Pentagon and National Guard leadership.

The Trump White House Had No Interest In Protecting The Capitol

The precedence for the Trump White House was to support the rioters who were trying to overturn the election, not the Capitol and members of Congress. More discourse and accusation are needed, but astatine archetypal pass, Meadow’s connection is simply a wide denotation of wherever the White House was placing its emphasis.

Trump and his unit were lone focused connected overturning the election. It appears that they whitethorn person intentionally near the Capitol susceptible to violence.

Ordering the National Guard to support the Trump supporters would reply wherefore faster enactment wasn’t taken to enactment down the convulsive mob.

The information that the White House didn’t activate the Guard oregon person them protecting the Capitol connected Jan. 5 is illuminating.

Trump was ne'er going to support the Capitol due to the fact that 1 suspects that the menace of, oregon unit itself, was portion of the program to overturn the election.

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