Car flies off roadway, through fence, into home

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CLIFTON, New Jersey (WABC) -- A operator mislaid power connected the Garden State Parkway and went done a obstruction and into a location successful New Jersey precocious Wednesday morning.

It happened conscionable aft 11:30 a.m. connected Colfax Avenue successful Clifton, wherever it intersects with the Garden State Parkway. Newscopter 7 was implicit the country arsenic crews worked to region the vehicle.

The driver, who witnesses described arsenic a pistillate successful her 50s, suffered non-life-threatening injuries and was taken to St. Joseph's University Medical Center.

At this point, it is unclear wherefore she mislaid control, but the car traveled rather a region earlier yet coming to a stop.

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"She didn't look to beryllium severely hurt," eyewitness Carl Haefele said. "One happening that alternatively amazed maine was the integrity of the car. She was capable to unfastened the driver's door, aft that full travel and a autumn down a 10- oregon 12-foot embankment. She was capable to get herself retired of the car to locomotion astir to look astatine it."

Haefele said helium heard what helium thought mightiness beryllium a tractor trailer successful his beforehand lawn, but erstwhile helium got outside, the lone happening helium could spot was a large mess.

There were scattered pieces of antithetic sets of fencing, and his neighbor's store had spread successful it.

"She indispensable person been moving, truly moving," helium said. "She much than apt did a mates of 100 feet connected the parkway earlier she got to our fences."

The car crashed successful the aerial conditioning portion and conscionable hardly missed afloat slamming into the townhome.

What caused the operator to suffer power is chartless astatine this time, and the probe is ongoing.

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It is unclear if velocity was a factor, but Haefele said this isn't the archetypal clip he's seen an mishap successful the area.

"I've been successful this location 48 years," helium said. "I've spot cars travel up disconnected the parkway twice. This is the archetypal 1 has travel done the fence."

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