AI makes it possible to simulate 25 billion water molecules at once

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Computer simulations of clouds of atoms and molecules indispensable ever commercialized standard for accuracy, but a caller method shows that some are imaginable astatine erstwhile utilizing AI and clever coding

Technology 12 January 2022

By Matthew Sparkes

Summit supercomputer

The Summit supercomputer astatine Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee

ORNL and Carlos Jones

Artificial quality has been utilized to marque simulations that way billions of interacting molecules astatine unprecedented standard and speed, paving the mode for a greater knowing of worldly science, physics and biology.

When it comes to simulating the enactment of groups of atoms oregon molecules, determination are 2 schools of thought. One approach, known arsenic “ab initio”, strictly models each the Newtonian and quantum forces astatine play. The different uses assorted approximations to trim the tremendous computational burden. The precision of the …

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