Adam Schiff Devastatingly Connects The Dots On Trump’s Coup Plot

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Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) puts the pieces unneurotic and paints a representation of Trump’s crippled to overturn the election.


Here is 1/6 Committee subordinate Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) putting unneurotic the threads of Trump's crippled to overturn the election.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) December 13, 2021

Rep. Schiff said:

I deliberation what we are seeing from these documents is simply a concerted effort on many different lines of effort to overturn the election. First, opening by laying the predicate for a situation to the legitimacy of the election, when the president falsely told the country that immoderate ballot counted after predetermination time was going somehow beryllium illegitimate. Then the frivolous litigation around the country, the president’s efforts weighing on state predetermination officials trying get them to overturn the results ask. Then connected January 6th, the effort to interfere with the counting of the electors. 

And so, it is simply a comprehensive picture that we are assembling of each of those aggregate lines of effort. And you know, that flimsy deck, as good arsenic different documents — slide deck, arsenic good arsenic other documents, shows what utmost lengths radical wrong and extracurricular the medication were willing to spell to fundamentally overturn a presidential predetermination and install Donald Trump arsenic the president, having failed to triumph the election.

Rep. Schiff offered what could beryllium the clearest thought of what happened successful the clip play of October 2020 done January 6, 2021. Trump was laying the groundwork for trying to bargain the predetermination weeks earlier predetermination time with his cries of fraud and complaints astir mail-in ballots.

Schiff was correct. There were aggregate avenues of effort, but they were each focused connected the result of overturning the predetermination to support Donald Trump illegitimately successful power.

Rep. Schiff showed however a president betrayed his state successful a bid to overturn the volition of the people.

Schiff’s comments marque it wide wherefore Donald Trump is force fig 1 to US democracy.

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